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Ongoing Projects / Initiatives

1.  The Learning Commons- This will be BIG!  The learning commons is a physical and virtual meeting place that is student centered, facilitates connectivity, higher order thinking, engagement and collaboration.  Check out this YouTube clip AND the blog to get in the know!

2. Outdoor Enhancements- You saw stage 1 on the tarmac on the first day!  Watch for stage two, and get involved with shaping it!

3. Physical Literacy– Refining the intramurals program and bringing in programs to expose students and teachers to new skills.

4 Global Citizenship – Engaging hearts and minds with a community overseas.

Students and staff at Elizabeth Rummel School are excited about a new Global Citizenship Project.

The BIG QUESTION will be:
WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A GLOBAL CITIZEN? With the help of CAUSE CANADA and the E.R.S. Parent Council, our school will be paired with a school of similar size in Sierra Leone. These are the plans at this time:
Monday, January 21 - 1:15 P.M. Assembly - Some Grade 2 and 4 Students will be introducing the project. They will show a video, talk about what global citizenship means to them, and read some letters.
January 21 - Jan 30 - Global Weeks - After class discussions, all students in the school will be writing a letter or drawing a picture for a student at the school in Sierra Leone.
Letter Delivery - Our letters and pictures will be hand delivered to the school in Sierra Leone. Someone from Canmore will be making the trip the first week of February.
We've Got Mail! - Students in Sierra Leone will write letters back to us.
Future Assemblies - Students will present further information about the students and the school in Sierra Leone.  (ie. they may have done an art project, learned an African song or a dance, or have found some great info. to communicate to others)
Bulletin Board - Check out the Global Citizenship Bulletin Board for photos of our partner school! We will add to this bulletin board as our project proceeds.

5. Technology- Adding more class sets of portable devices and bigger picture planning.

6. Environmental Stewardship- Development of outdoor curriculum-based activities.

7. Continued financial support of Arts-Infused Learning, Library Materials and other physical needs of the school.

8.  Get involved and INSERT YOUR IDEA HERE!!